ANDY BYRON interview about series on FOX9


Here is how the series came to be… On October 4, 2013 (following two sold out shows in the Sapphire Room) Andy Byron was sitting at 10 Barrel with his good friend and mega superstar singer-songwriter, Michael Martin Murphey. During their conversation Murph expounded continuous enthusiasm for how great the shows were, the spectacular venue, how attentive the audience was, the success of our turnout, and….how we needed to continue our success and start a music series in this amazing room and bring in top acts like him that are looking for an opportunity to play for Boise audiences in a room such as this.  He said, “Andy, you need to call it, ‘Andy Byron’s Americana Music Series’, and you open and M/C the shows.”  Andy said, “I’ve learned, over the years, to actually LISTEN to some people who really DO know more than me.”

So, “Andy Byron’s AMERICANA MUSIC SERIES” has been born.  Thanks to Murph’s encouragement (and the marketing skills of Melissa Brodt) this series is off to a rockin’ start. We plan on bringing to music lovers throughout the Treasure Valley and beyond the finest in quality entertainment ranging from Country, Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter, Jazz, Blues, Folk, and a variety of alternative genres to the most intimate and pleasing listening room in the Pacific Northwest.  Everyone gets a seat, everyone can order food and/or drinks, and everyone can hear EVERYTHING the artists say, sing and play.  Our vision for “Andy Byron’s Americana Music Series” is to be known for providing the very “best” in live entertainment and music for Boise’s music lovers!



Musicians & Guest Artists

Lindsey Hunt, Dave Manion, Thomas Paul, Steve Fulton, James Coberly Smith, Dale Keys, Bill Coffey, Steve Eaton, Gayle Chapman, Matt Hart, Jimmy Bivens, Sean Hatton


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