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BEN SCHULTZ – Boise Weekly  (July 10, 2015)


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BEN SCHULTZ – Boise Weekly  (July 9, 2015)


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MICHAEL DEEDS – Idaho Statesman (May 14, 2015)


“My favorite cut on this CD is the first song. In fact, this song has become one of my all-time favorite songs. And the rest of the CD kept my foot tapping the whole way through too. Andy is a talented singer/songwriter and performer, and I throroughly enjoyed his CD. It’s feel good music!”

BOB SHANE – Founding Member of The Kingston Trio (March 16, 2015)

“Andy wrote one of the best songs I’ve heard in years, “Don’t You Let It Rain.” Can’t stop listening to it.”

BOB SHANE – Founding Member of The Kingston Trio (Feb 15, 2013)


“I listened to your CD this morning…very nice. Some real good toe-tapping, foot-stomping music on there. I can see why your live audience enjoyed themselves so much.”

BOB SHANE – Founding Member of The Kingston Trio (Oct 28, 2007)


“I don’t like calculated music that is designed to exploit, rather than enrich, the listener. Andy Byron’s music is totally from the heart, sincere, and made to enrich the listener. He unabashedly speaks of the things that really matter to all of us on a day-to- day basis. The music on his CD is played with expertise, and the production is not overblown- yet not artificially stripped down, either. When I think of this CD, the word “balance” comes to mind. This CD is a gem of balance, sincerity, and good will for the listener and those for whom he wrote these songs.”

MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHEY – Major Recording Star & the World’s #1 Selling Cowboy Singer (Sep 23, 2007)


“After years — and years — of writing music and singing, local musician Andy Byron decided to gather up his songs for his debut CD, “Somewhere or Nowhere.”
The tracks speak for themselves, each of them a little story that tells of important events and people in his life. “Nancy” is written for and about his wife. “Lucky Me,” “My Little Angel,” and “Lindsey’s Song” are about each of his daughters Amy, Casey and Lindsey, respectively. In the CD liner notes, Byron writes that he wrote the songs for each of his daughters on their 13th birthdays. “I made the decision to celebrate each of their ‘coming of age’ with a song.” Some of Byron’s songs date back over three decades, such as the title track written in 1975, and “Monday,” which he penned in the early ’80s, though he does include a song written as recently as this year. “Everyday” was written after he and his wife attended a moving funeral for a friend. “It made me focus on what is truly important in my life,” he writes.
Though some songs may be several years old, Byron’s music has the timeless quality of many Americana singer/songwriters. His music is a reflection on who he is and where he’s been and, if he keeps performing his songs, just maybe where he’s going.”

AMY ATKINS – Boise Weekly (Sep 5, 2007)


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